Monday, February 21, 2011

Week 3 Results (Day 21)

The end is in sight! But first, let’s take a look at last week’s numbers. We’re guessing that at least some of you got away to enjoy the holiday weekend. Here’s hoping that you come back with fresh ideas! We look forward to your surveys next week. 
There were 121 responses to this week’s survey. Of those responding, exactly half (rounded) are still in the running to complete a marathon February. And, thirty-two amazing writers/illustrators are still plugging away with a picture book each day. How many will finish the marathon (complete 26 picture book drafts/illustrations/or both) this coming Saturday?!
There are quite a few determined people (26%) running in the mid-range, with 10 to 16 picture books created. I’m guessing that a number of you will make it to 26 sometime in early March, though last year we had some sprinters at the end of the month making up time....
While 34% of last week’s respondents completed 7 picture books last week, the remaining 66% were quite evenly distributed between 0 and 6.  
We also asked what the shortest and longest amount of time you’ve spent creating your drafts has been. The most popular choice under shortest amount of time spent was “6 to 30 minutes” (54% -- another 26% choose 31 to 60 minutes). For the longest amount of time, 2 hours, which 28% of you chose, slightly edged out the other choices of 1 hour, 3 hours, or “more”, which were pretty evenly divided. 
Almost there! Whether it’s a sprint or a crawl, keep going - you can do it! You’ll be glad you did....


  1. Wow! 6 to 30 minutes! What am I doing wrong?! So I am guessing that not everyone is having the same problem I am - there is an eerie trend developing (I was the three hour person) - a number of my stories seem to be heading toward being short middle-grade chapter books (3000+ words). Maybe that is where some serious revision comes in - or maybe that's what they were meant to be. In any case, ten inches of snow in a day will help me try and catch up to my goals, if I get to avoid shoveling for awhile. What an education this has been! Blessings and good writing to all - Beth

  2. Finish in early March- WHAT!! There is a new idea. I figured if I can't catch up its over when it's over Feb 28th but guess not LOL humm back to writing since I can't quit on Feb 28th. Maybe sprinting will work cause March really sounds dreadful. Happy writing and sprinting and writing!!!

  3. I think when midnight on the 28th comnes I will be ready to lay down the pen (so to speak) for a week. Then there is a TON on tweaking on most of these and some are recycle fodder. But I am hoping for a Spint Wind...

  4. Elizabeth, don't get discouraged. I know I've cranked out a picture book in about 10 minutes, but that was when an idea came to me like lightning and just flowed. Much of the time, I am spending an hour or two on them--and those are still rough, first drafts. Keep chuggin' and you'll get there.
    Of course, everything I've heard in the last year or two says picture books are trending to fewer words (under 500). If you're writing longer than that, unless you cut a bit in the revision stage, you might be writing something else.
    Anyway, good luck!