Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 17 -- Recapturing Whimsy

My marathon has been an uphill trudge for many, many miles.  Yours, too?  I’m no longer bubbling with whimsical playfulness.  Time to recapture a child’s quizzical joy.   

Today remember as a kid what it felt like to—

          Sit in a fort made of cushions, blankets, and chairs.
          Eat watermelon and spit the seeds—far!
          Turn your face towards the rain.
          Discover a strawberry, ripe for picking.
          Sneak a cookie.
          Bash together two trucks.
          Blow a dandelion puff.
          Wait in the dentist’s office for your turn.
Hold a ladybug on your finger tip.
Make a baby laugh.

Now go write!

Also visit the illustrators’ websites.  They celebrate whimsical playfulness and do so delightfully!


  1. As the days go by it gets harder for me to feel like the endings are staying unique or satisfying. Anyone else having that issue? Anyone have any ideas for me? Keep going everyone; if you squint really hard you just might see the finish line.

  2. space station Nathan - where do you live that it's Friday already and you are finished with your run for the day? I am in Germany and it's 9:00a.m.

  3. By the seat of my pants I have been keeping up with the marathon, and haven't been able to do my updates due to packing for a last minute trip to the most magical place in the world (no, not Hogwarts), however, I have managed to keep my blog updated :) Check out this FABULOUS inspiring Guest Blog Post from PB Marathoner Will Strong --it's become one of my all-time favorites so far!
    Thank You, Will <3