Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 22 -- Let's cheat!

Today let's "cheat" a little bit.  Instead of writing another completely new picture book, take one of your stories and change it up:

             If the main character is a dog, switch it to a cat.  If a boy, switch it to a girl.
             If the secondary character is the mom, switch it to the dad or a friendly monster.
             If it’s an urban story, switch the setting to the wild, wild West or futuristic outer space.
             Switch the time frame to an ancient time.
             Switch the season.
             Dramatically change the character’s age.
             For illustrators, if it's wordless add words or vice versa.  
             Create a completely new ending.
Chances are you'll end up with an entirely different story.


  1. I got a lot out of the daily idea so if you call it cheating then I'm proud I did today. Don't know if it turned out that great but I enjoyed revisiting an idea.


  2. oh my, this helped tremendously -- I think I will have a series on one of my science-oriented books!

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