Monday, February 14, 2011

Halfway there! (Day 14)

Happy Valentine’s Day! Happy Halfway Point! Let’s celebrate!
There were 145 responses to this week’s survey, and over a third of those responding not only wrote or illustrated a picture book every day last week, but have not taken one of their two “rest days” so far. As of Saturday, those people have 12 picture books under their belt. Wow!
Sherry Meidell's Day 7 Picture Book,
Hogs Wild
With another 25% who have taken one or both of their rest days, 58% of respondents (84 of us) are working on a marathon February.
And a third of us feel like we’re in a rhythm to keep it up!
There aren’t too many people (13%) who are in the mid-range - not quite keeping up with the marathon pace, but still getting a lot of picture book drafts done. Nine percent are on pace to complete a half marathon, and another 11% appear to be taking something like the 5K option.  
Wherever you fall on the scale, congratulations! You’ve made it this far. Coming this week, some ideas to energize and focus your picture books. Stay tuned!


  1. I'm not doing very well at keeping up but I attended the Western/Central New York SCBWI one day conference Saturday, does that count???

  2. Here's my update for Days 13 and 14, with some thoughts from my 6-year old about what makes a "good" story:
    And here is some great illustration advice from artist Will Terry:
    I hope there is something inspiring for everyone! I've certainly been inspired here and hope that I am paying it forward.

  3. THANK YOU Lora and Jean for all your time and effort in making this marathon possible. It truly has helped me in my writing.

  4. I agree with Marybeth! Thank you Lora and Jean <3 And for anyone who needs a prompt or inspiration, here's today's Guest Post at the Word Playground from Picture Book Author Samantha R. Vamos:
    Start pondering, and have fun!