Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day 9 - A Third of the Way

one of the Jed Henry's
marathon covers....
We're a third of the way to the finish line! Hooray!

Don't forget to feed your muse along the way - a good marathoner knows they need to replenish their energy. Think about the places that are creatively productive for you. Two of mine are in the shower (unfortunate, given that I live in an arid state), and listening to a great live music performance. Make a list, and then go visit a few of them...
The website has been updated, so check the story starter page if you’re stuck, and visit the participant pages for a little camaraderie! Some of you are writing, some are illustrating, and there are those who are somehow doing both... Jed Henry's cover for Big Sky River, pictured here, is an example of what you might find!


  1. Feeding the muse with chocolate....the wrappers are piling up on my desk. maybe I'll take a picture for my blog. But I also need to fuel my bod, so later I'm going out for a run... it's not THAT cold out is it?

  2. My muse woke up hungry but I ended up feeding her with a light meal inspired by the No. of the day (there wasn't much else to offer today, as the good stuff was locked up). It ended up being fulfilling after all. I've blogged about my efforts and shared an inspiring quote here:

    On a final note, I must say that I am not starved for beautiful art here -- what great stuff!

  3. I'm caught up again - struggling with a fairy story. They are cute but elusive! So I wrote "Bigger" a pop up fold out book.