Friday, February 18, 2011

Picture Book Plots! Story Ideas! (Day 18)

Still looking for story ideas? Don’t sit there staring at a blank page! 
Bundle up (unless you’re lucky enough to have warmth and sunshine) and head outside for a walk, skip, or jog. If you don’t come back with some ideas, at least you got some exercise.
Or, head over to the list of Writer’s Digest writing prompts.
Having trouble with story plotting? Beginning, middle, AND end? Have some fun with the interactive plot diagram and story map in this lesson plan from the NCTE to help you analyze your story. 


  1. Does anyone use the PBS picture book finder tool? It helps me find out if my book ideas have already been published in a story book. It also gets my creativity flowing. Here's the URL link:

  2. Thanks, Patricia. I didn't know something like that existed.

    Today (Day 19) I walked around in a fog half the morning, wondering what in the world I was going to write about. Then I remembered an incident that happened with one of my daughters when she was 4. It had to do with resolving pent-up anger in a nonviolent way. And it was kind of funny, too. Within a half hour I had my story written. Now on to Day 20.

  3. I almost feel that I cheated for the marathon. For a long time now I've written down ideas I get for stories, so I had those to fall back on when I couldn't come up with an idea. Some of them developed quite nicely.

  4. It has been fun to explore new directions - nonfiction and lymricks. But I am feeling dry dry dry. Time to brainstorm so I am off to the recommended lists. Thanks.

  5. I have a writing friend - who sends me prompts before every week starts in bunches of five - most of it are new things for me from science or history or some world news (pays to have a nerd as a friend).

    I then research, mull over it and end up writing a story on it.