Friday, February 4, 2011

February 4 - Day 4

Picture Book Marathoners may discover that their biggest obstacle is finding daily time to write. When that’s the case, look for time anywhere you can. 
  One likely spot for those who work away from home? Your commute to work (as at least one marathoner has already discovered). The average commute time varies by city, of course. But many people spend at least a half hour getting to work (and then another half hour getting home). How do you travel? Alone in a car? By bus? Bike? Now might even be the time to try out that bus route you've been meaning to investigate - leave the driving to someone else, and focus on your picture book. 
  Put your commute time to good use! Tease out a story idea. Narrate a story into your phone. Think about what your character ate for breakfast this morning.
  And when you get there, leave a few minutes before you rush in to make some notes. Maybe even outline or write or draw the day’s story!


  1. I feel like I'm approaching an uphill stretch. Just saying . . .

    Anyone else?

    Jean Reagan

  2. Jean I'm in the same boat, it was hard for me today. I'm one of those with just myself in the car so I might as well use those 10 minutes of driving. Thanks for the idea, I'll have to try the phone thing.

  3. Today's creation was my least favorite. But I truly believe you have to sift through the sand to find the shells <3 And I have an inkling that this particular lump of sand might be better recrafted into a magazine article and might even work as that! So all is not lost. But even if nothing comes of this manuscript, I feel I'm getting the creative juices flowing and writing manuscripts like this is all part of the process!
    Press on, everyone!
    Lynne Marie
    (Writing Tips, Inspiration, Techniques and my PB Marathon Updates, too!)

  4. I am on fire! Some of my PB's are crummy, but I am on fire anyway. For me to have a command to write every day is sooooooo exciting.

    And, I am blown away with how many ideas are coming at me, all day long! In the grocery line, at the dr's office, in the traffic line driving by the elementary school...I keep seeing characters that have stories to tell. Just have to keep my eyes open and my hears perked.

    Hope this inspires others...after all, we all have these opportunities, all day long.

    Thank you for this Marathon!
    Nancy Jo

  5. Well, my commute time is 5 minutes by car, so that won't work. I knew going into this I probably wouldn't write a whole picture book, and so far I haven't. But what it has made me do is sit quietly and think about ideas for books, start the story and make notes for how I see it ending. I seem to have too many things right now that I'm trying to find time for. Some day I will be able to take out my notebook and finish some of these ideas.

  6. I am ready for some more story starters!
    Thank you...:-)

  7. When I have a long commute I arm myself with a pen, a small notebook, and my camera phone. I have become quite versed at taking pictures of things I've seen while driving, when stopped of course. Then I jot a sentence on what it inspired so I can work on it later, or I discuss it out loud so I'll remember. Sounds crazy, but it's working.