Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Groundhog Day

I don't think it's fair to cancel Groundhog Day, as Robin, a marathoner living in Chicago, says they did there on account of snow. If the groundhog cannot get out of it's burrow it obviously cannot see its shadow, and therefore, winter should be ending soon. Shouldn't it? It only seems fair...
  On the other hand, being snowed in makes for very good writing conditions. 
  Tip for the day (speaking from experience): do not look at google today. Whatever you do, especially you illustrators, do not look at google's art project, which they released on their website today. You might not get anything done for the rest of the month (year?). 
  At the very least, make sure you finish your picture book for the day before you go explore! You might find some inspiration for another picture book there.


  1. Okay, I'm glad I finished my picture book before coming here and reading about Google's Art Project. I just opened it up and I'm AMAZED. I can't wait to show my kids! So awesome!

    I didn't even realize it was groundhog day til half-way through the day, when I felt like I had done this all before. Lol! Seriously, check out my blog. Two posts, one for groundhog day and one for the marathon.

  2. It was groundhog's day? We were too busy digging out our driveways to notice. It was nice to see the "army of snowblowers" that showed up. Neighbors helping neighbors--and having a good time of it. Meanwhile, back at my laptop, I finished up my second picture book--and believe me, it had nothing to do with snow.

  3. Thank goodness the groundhog made it out here in Wisconsin, despite heaps of snow. Reports are that he did not see his shadow, so winter will disappear before our very eyes. Same story for Phil out in Puxatauney (sp?). Either way, after digging out all day I could sure use a crocus or two!
    I put my planned PB topic on hold and shifted to a snowday theme- not an original topic, but I'm taking a unique POV, I hope.
    Now I have a spare topic for the days ahead.

  4. Got to get to work. Was gone all am. Here comes a Groundhog story. Have no idea what it will be. Will let you know tomorrow how it went. Go all you 'late bloomers' like me!

  5. Didn't get to write until late tonight after working and shoveling lots of Illinois snow. Not the best PB ever, but it's written. Yeah for Day Two!

  6. I think I'm on the track to getting my mile in each day, get it done ASAP. I did it day 2 in the morning and it was so much easier than having it creep up on me like a wedding anniversary. I don't know if these stories are worth anything but I've done it for the day and I'm checking off the box!

  7. Chicago is dug out and back in business. It was a Terrific Enforced Writing Day - I am leaving Panera now with Day 3 done! Happy Chinese New Year!(The OFFICIAL G-hog did NOT see his shadow so Spring will be early!)

  8. I think we need to track these inspired Groundhog Day stories and make it a challenge. One of them has to make it out from under the snow, no? :)
    Good luck, Groundhog Day story enthusiasts!
    Lynne Marie