Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Ready, Set.....

Some final suggestions before the marathon starts!

The marathon, as originally conceived, is meant to be done at a pace of one picture book per day until you meet your goal (26 for the full marathon, 13 for the half).

(1) If you are doing the full marathon: take a look at your calendar and plan out your two rest days. We suggest saving one for the final week - you'll probably be needing it! It doesn't mean you won't use them for an "emergency" at some other time, but at least it gives you something to shoot for.

(2) If you're doing the Lucky '13 (half marathon): figure out how you're going to do it. Will you do one each day for the first 13 days of February (giving yourself something else to celebrate on Valentine's Day)? Or will you run a pace of one picture book every other day, taking the whole month of February to complete?

(3) Whether you're doing the half or full marathon, plan some "treats" to reward yourself with when you reach key milestones. Baking chocolate cookies? A massage? A walk somewhere wild? Think up something fun that you'll look forward to.

And, get ready to start scribbling....

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