Saturday, January 26, 2013

Last Weekend to Prepare!

If you work Monday through Friday, this is your last weekend before the marathon to prepare. Time to do the laundry and stock up on groceries -- here's a list you can modify:

“Stocking Up” Grocery List
-espresso (for those early mornings and/or late nights)-carrots (for when you’re feeling healthy) -really good chocolate (for when you’re not)-pasta and some ready-made sauce (marathoners should carbo-load. And, it’s a quick meal.)-dog treats (to bribe the dogs for five more writing minutes)-ice cream (to bribe the kids)-oranges (peel off a section, stick it in front of your teeth and go look in the mirror when your picture book has you down - hey, we are children’s writers, we’re allowed!)-tea (so you can warm your fingers around the mug while you ponder the next twist)-soup (because it makes a good February writer’s lunch)-olives (to eat off your fingertips - stolen from Jean’s book, How to Babysit a Grandpa)-pretzels (because they’re healthier than a lot of that other junk food)-whatever your favorite brain food is (you’re going to need lots of it!)

Sometime during the weekend, set aside a half hour or 45 minutes to think and write about what you want to accomplish during the marathon.  Is it to generate ideas? Stretch yourself in your writing? In what ways?

To get yourself in a picture-book-frame-of-mind, stop by a library or bookstore and read at least ten recently published picture books. Take a look at some of the 2012 "notable" lists, for example, the NY Times, American Library Association, or Publishers Weekly lists. Spend some time appreciating great examples of what you plan to create!

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