Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ready! Set! Leap!


Good luck!  Share any tips or encouraging thoughts in the comments.  We'll all be needing a little encouragement as we leap along. 

Here's a quick reminder about what we're challenging ourselves to accomplish:

Your Goal: Between February 1 and February 29, write one picture book a day, until you get to 26. This year, February has 29 days (thus, Take the Leap!), so you get a bonus break day. 

The Basics: We define a picture book as (1) a story or narrative, (2) with a  beginning, middle, and end, (3) for children, and (4) intended to be illustrated. They’re generally, though not always, published in a 32 page format. Given the speed of the marathon, your picture book DRAFTS (for that’s what they’ll be) will be very rough. What you hope to capture is the basic plot, characters, and emotion of each story.

Why Do It:
  • Generate a lot of material in a short amount of time.
  • Get your creative juices flowing by forcing yourself to write daily.
  • Circumvent your internal naysayer - they either won’t have time to criticize, or they’ll be too tired.
  • Practice a writing practice.


  1. I finished one. This is the fun part.

  2. Me too. One done. Now what tomorrow? Get busy brain!!

  3. This is going to be fabulous (and interesting too!) One down.

    What I am trying to do is fall asleep with a picture book idea then wake up and write. Worked today, we'll see if it is so tomorrow!

  4. Day 2 - got another one done. These are the ones just popping up to be written!

  5. Is there an official signup for this or do you just 'follow' the blog?

    1. Louise,
      Email us at and I'll add you to the mailing list. But, mostly this year we'll use this blog for communicating. Good luck. (I'm already a day behind on my marathon.I hope to catch up or at least not get further behind!) Jean

  6. Up early and day 4 story is done.