Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Confession

This "low-key" version of the Picture Book Marathon isn't captivating me like the full-on PB marathons of past years.  In fact, I will be lucky to complete a half marathon this year!  It's unclear to me whether it's the low-key nature that has caused me to skip days more frequently or if this February has been particularly distracting for me. What about yall?

If you're looking for inspiration during the final ten days, you may want to visit the blog postings for last year.  I've found them helpful.  Topics include:
"Plan Your Celebration"
"Hoping for a 'Pooper-Scooper'"
Photos for inspiration
"Let's Cheat"
"PB Plots!  Story Ideas!"
"Recapturing Whimsy"
"Pretty and Pink?"

I hope something tickles your fancy.  Good luck!

Also, sorry we've had trouble updated the blog links for marathon participants.  We'll let you know if we solve the technical challenges.  Thanks.



  1. I'm doing great this year! I'm up to Picture Book idea number 18 and GOING strong (despite a CRAZY busy month)! Thanks for keeping us informed. Good luck with getting the problem fixed!

    In the meantime go to my blog and enjoy the illustrations I've done for PBM:

  2. I have to agree that more blog posts would probably be helpful, though I understand that one might be buys running one's own life!! When I did the PiBoIdMo this last November, you had to subscribe to the blog to "enroll." Then, when a new blog post was done each and every day by a new guest blogger, it was sent to my email. What a wonderful, functional way to keep my mind constantly bubbling with new ideas! I was definitely kept on task very well by that.

    In truth, I'll also be happy to finish a half marathon. I'm at 12 partial or complete drafts right now. I'd like to get 12 fully completed first drafts done, and then maybe move onwards from there. Perhaps 15 by the end of the month? It's not a marathon, but its way more writing than I normally do, so I've been pleased by the production.

    But, sure, yes, I think more blog posts would help generate buzz and activity.

    I've been doing a few blog posts on my own blog about the process this last month. Check 'em out if you want-

  3. I'm doing well -- only 3 to go! But today, for the first time, I'm totally stumped. Heading for the story idea page . . . Thanks!

  4. I'm down to the last few and appreciate the jump starters. I'm blogging at with pictures!

  5. Finished! Twenty-six drafts in 28 days. Granted, a couple of them ended up whittled down to poems, and a few are leaning more toward magazine story than PB, but there are 26 of them, all awaiting the next step. Which will definitely NOT be 26 drafts in 28 days! But I am SO grateful for this nudge toward the seemingly impossible. It turned out to be possible! Thanks again, Lora and Jean. This has apparently been a difficult year for you, but your idea has still produced a bountiful harvest!

  6. This is my first year doing the challenge, and I have not found it too difficult, but I will say that I think this February has gone by much faster than past ones! And I have started a different challenge for March - a chapter book challenge. . I figure if I can complete NaNoWriMo in November and the Picture Book Marathon in February, then maybe I can do a Chapter Book Challenge too!

  7. Are you doing a Picture Book Marathon this year? I am wanting to send a link to the SCBWI-MI group but can't find updated information. I have loved it and want to do it again,

    Elizabeth McBride