Thursday, January 23, 2014

Ten Day Countdown Starts Today

We're counting down to the start of the 2014 Picture Book Marathon with 10 days of "training" exercises.
Today, clear a space. That might be your desk, a corner of the kitchen table, or a spot in the living room. Give your brain a place to work free of distracting clutter.
I'm starting with this one first because, if your desk looks like mine, you might need 10 days to get it done....
While you're at it, look for some inspiring quotes or pictures that you can post nearby. Anyone have any good ones to suggest?


  1. Desk in order and monthly planner filled in. I drew my own posters to keep me on track and wrote my time table. February look out!

  2. Desk looks tidy. I'm raring to go. Er, I think.

  3. Desk looks tidy enough over here. A bit anxious to get started but i am not sure how this challenge works? Do we sign up anywhere?