Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Story Starters: Multiple Choice

Okay, choose one from each of these four categories:

Your character is:

  • a frog
  • a lizard
  • a postman
  • a mayor
  • a duck
Who is also:

  • a magician
  • a toad in disguise
  • a street musician
  • a juggler
  • despondent
And wants:
  • to be famous
  • to avoid bedtime at any cost
  • cinnamon rolls for breakfast
  • a new haircut
  • to be an astronaut
  • Aunt Marge is coming to visit
  • the babysitter is mean
  • she can't sing
  • she has a broken leg
  • the store is fresh out of magic wands
Okay, go!

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