Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Marathon Stats

The numbers are in! 126 people reported their final tallies for the February 2011 Picture Book Marathon. Forty people created 26 picture books in February, and another 10 ran the extra mile, creating a few more. Those 50 finishers represent 40% of the final tallies reported.
Also, from the final tallies reported:
  • 14% (17) created between 20 and 25
  • 20% completed between 13 and 19
  • 20% completed between 5 and 12
  • 6% completed between 1 and 4

Twelve percent of the original 425 people who signed up for the marathon “ran” the distance. Thirty percent ran all or part way (or at least, reported that they did).

If you’d like to know how that stacks up against last year’s marathon, 150 people originally signed up for the 2010 marathon, 45 reported final tallies, and 24 completed 26 or more picture books.
An evaluation of the 2011 marathon will be landing in your email inbox sometime today. We would truly appreciate your feedback, as we use it to try and improve the experience. When you finish the survey you’ll be given a link to print out a completion certificate. 
Some of you may also be interested in a “finisher’s” sweatshirt that was added to the marathon shop.

The winner of the travel mug was Linda Hoffman Kimball. Congratulations Linda, and thank you to all who sent in your final tallies!


  1. Such a pleasure & many thanks for the hosting!

  2. Thanks so much for the inspiration...I wasn't a finisher, but I got some good ideas in February. :-)

  3. I don't count because I didn't know about it until the first week, but I finished! : )

  4. Thanks for the great idea. Your marathon was the push I needed for inspiration. I have a question. I'm building a blog and would like to add a link to your marathon info. May I? Thanks.